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“Just Be Nice”


It continually saddens me to see comments on social media that denigrate other users. Why is it so hard for some to appreciate and honour others and their work?

We are all working towards something and so it is not ok to try and improve your own sense of self worth or perceived value by treading all over others in your ambitious haste. It’s never to your benefit and inevitably works against you.

You cannot improve your status by belittling someone else.

Your light will not shine brighter because you extinguish someone elses.

Do not stand on my head to reach higher. If you are kind, honest and pass it on, I will happily be your cheerleader and will make a ladder for you from my own hands to lift you higher.

Let’s be clear, “trolling”  in any environment outside of the World Wide Web is simply “bullying”.

Cowardice has been given a voice by the ability to comment from your own front room into someone else’s without potential retribution.

There is so much to be gained when we learn from each other’s paths and travel together, enjoying the journey rather than trying to trip each other up.

Another person does not need to be your competition or your enemy.  It’s your decision how you react to the people around you, so just be nice.

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