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‘Sharpie that s**t in’


During my career I’ve struggled with setting boundaries for my business and holding space for myself and my family.

Some days, I find myself running to stand still, permanently exhausted, sometimes frustrated and frequently snappy.

Endless “to do” lists that never get completed, procrastinating about when should I do “X”? Can I fit in that lesson/haircut/movie/eyebrow tint. (Delete as appropriate) These among many other circular thoughts and habits, not to mention the ease with which I am distracted by social media and rolling news channels all add up to my “To Do” list never decreasing.

However in the last few weeks there’s been a sea change.

Now I’m beginning to say “yes’ to all those things that have been burning away on my lists.

( Sometimes equally as importantly I’m beginning to say “NO!’ …but that’s a different blog!)

I’m saying “Yes” to the regular horse riding lessons, much needed and thoroughly enjoyed, ‘Yes” to the refresher driving lessons to put me back in the car and get me to said riding lessons. “Yes” to the coaching sessions which have further consolidated this shift in thinking.

Turning the time spent picking up the lego and crusty cereal off the floor into time for me and creating  time out of wasted moments of idly scrolling through social media and poring over lists has given me more time in my week and a huge sense of satisfaction.

I’m saying “Yes” to being more relaxed and calmer. My house may be untidier but I no longer feel guilty about taking time for me, because now when I am with my family I am wholly present, not looking over my shoulder and thinking about what’s outstanding on my list.

What happened? What brought about this shift in thinking and helped me create those vital spaces in my diary?

During a weekend workshop my co-host and friend Lesley Logan used the title phrase of this blog to emphasise the importance of having time for ourselves and our loved ones

“You’ve just got to“Sharpie that shit in”

Simple as that.

Sometimes we just need to do it, take a deep breath,  “Sharpie that shit in” and  discover we really, really need it and that yes we really, really do have the time for it.

Go ahead…get that Sharpie ready

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