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The lost art of being a beginner.

Julie Driver Pilates Workshop - The Art Of Cueing

Today in class one of my students struggled with a new exercise and was disappointed with their “performance”.

It made me wonder why we put so much pressure on ourselves and expect to perform new exercises flawlessly?

Contrary to popular belief the world will NOT end if you breath in, instead of out when you do an exercise or if you move your right leg when I said left.

Frankly, as long as you don’t fall off the reformer, fart in my face or throw up in my studio. everything is ok.


Have we lost the joy and appreciation for the journey of learning?

Have we forgotten how the journey itself can be incredibly fulfilling. The process of trying, failing, and improving is where personal growth happens.

Why does everything need to be instant?

Mistakes are a natural part of the learning process. They provide opportunities for growth and improvement. Without making mistakes, we often can’t fully understand and appreciate the nuances of what we’re learning

We need to encourage ourselves and our clients ( and our children) to embrace being a beginner again, regardless of their expertise in other areas.

Having space to be a beginner again can be liberating, It removes the fear of failure and allows us to explore new things with curiosity and enthusiasm.

Failure and mistakes are opportunities for learning and growth.

Perfectionism can be paralysing. It’s far more enjoyable to embrace the imperfections, have fun along the way, and celebrate progress rather than expecting instant mastery.


Give yourself some slack, have fun, make mistakes, maybe swear a bit when it gets hard but take the pressure off, don’t be afraid to be a bit crap at something.

Better to have fun and not be perfect, than miserable and terrified to get it wrong.

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