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The Power to Fly Part 2. Being Grounded


Truth Time

I love my kids, I had no idea how much that love would keep increasing day by day. Since I had my kids my home is dirtier, my language is cleaner.

But Parenting is not easy and it is not made easier for anyone if other women do not tell the truth.

Staying at home is work. It’s rewarding but exhausting.

Going to work is work. It’s rewarding but exhausting.

Working Partime is work. Its rewarding but exhausting.

Women may look at each other and think “Their grass is greener” but you know what? That grass might just be plastic.

Being a carer is a valid, valuable and important profession.

Our children are the future and we must nurture them to the best of our abilities and this is where the crux of the matter lies.

I feel guilty for enjoying my job.

There…I’ve said it…now everyone let out that giant breath you’ve been holding inside you since you gave birth.

I love being at home, I hate that I go to work and leave my children for 3 mornings a week. Please do not judge me for that decision, I am judging myself enough.

My children have given my career a turn that I never foresaw, they’ve given me wings and “The power to fly” and part of that joy is returning home to them, to cuddle them and kiss their sticky little faces.

I don’t believe any mum truly feels they have the balance correct. Is anyone really running a smoother, happier, shinier home?

Who cares? As long as YOURS is happy, quit giving yourself a hard time. As women we also need to quit judging other womens choices, maybe they weren’t theirs to make.

Stay at home Mum, Working mum, part time mum, we are all just trying to keep those balls in the air. Let’s all be a bit more truthful with each other and a lot kinder to ourselves and each other. Please.

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