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I love Autumn, the colours, the encroaching darkness and the colder weather.

As I sit here on this glorious Autumn day, watching this seasonal change it fills me with happiness and also slight envy at the ease with which this shift happens.

I feel like I’m watching with new eyes and admiration at how the trees let go of their greenness and drift towards being the skeleton of themselves before bursting back into colour with renewed vigour and life.

We call it the change of the seasons… Is it change? Transition? Or both?

As humans, Change may be of our own choosing or it can happen TO us, sometimes quickly and out of our control, the external change of circumstances or events.

Transition however, is the internal reaction, the sometimes slow emergence of the new. It cannot be rushed, it may be uncomfortable, disorientating and scary but it can also be one of the most important and productive periods of our lives.

Looking out of my window I take heart from this Autumnal scene. First we must let go, shed our leaves, live with and in the transition before we can step out confidently into the newness of change.

Spring will come.

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