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Pilates is a great way to deepen your seat AND your relationship with your horse. It is an accumulative discipline that helps build stamina and stability as well as the mobility needed to communicate calmly and clearly with your horse while you are in the saddle.

Why does Pilates work for riders?

As horse and rider, you are two living and breathing creatures that have your own individual asymmetries and biomechanics; two spines coming together in a dynamic relationship, linked by a saddle.
The effect of riding can impact both partners, not just the rider after they dismount. I believe that as a rider our responsibility to the horse begins before we even enter the yard.

“Clearing the lines of communication”

With Pilates the aim is to build a better partnership through good movement patterns, helping the rider to develop a deep, sound seat, as without a sound seat there may be extraneous movement “wiggling around” and weight shifting.

Developing a sound seat is the beginning of developing a deeper relationship and prevents a lot of misunderstanding!

A good horse and rider relationship should be invisible.

The next time you attend a Pilates class don’t just think about why a particular exercise works for you…think of how you can improve yourself for your horse.

“Ride well, do less and clear the lines of communication”
– Julie Driver 2016

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Horse and Rider

In this series of three articles Julie looks at the building blocks builds to provide the reader with a Pilates matwork routine aimed at improving your position, becoming more balanced in the saddle and ultimately moving in harmony with your horse.

16 May: Horse&Rider Magazine Spring 2018

In the first part of the series Julie shares her top exercises for helping to improve your position in the saddle and recognising your own alignment.

16 Apr: Intelligent Horsemanship Spring 2018

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16 Apr: Horse&Rider Magazine April 2018

Being able to balance is a fundamental part of staying in the saddle, part two Julie gives you exercises to improve your balance and move in harmony with your horse.

16 Mar: Horse&Rider March 2018

Riding is full body workout for you as well as your horse, in part three Julie explains how to use Pilates to improve your strength and stamina.