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About Julie

I believe passionately in the power of Pilates and I’ve been teaching for over 18 years both in the UK and internationally.

My experience of rehabilitation after serious injury deepened my commitment to continue studying. I consider myself an eternal student and I continue my own education with weekly 1-1s and studying regularly with my own mentors.

In 2008 a ski acciden resulted in serious damage to my left leg. Surgeons predicted a yearlong recovery and a permanent limp. Using the expert guidance of my teachers, and my own knowledge of Pilates and the apparatus, I was walking unaided and without a limp within less than 9 months.

In 2014 I won the prestigious international ‘Pilates Anytime Instructor of the Year’ competition and continues to record online classes as a returning visiting Instructor.

With a lifelong passion for equine studies, I believe Pilates the perfect way for riders to improve their technique and create a stronger relationship with their horse.

I  have published a series of three articles for ‘Horse and Rider” and ‘Intelligent Horsemanship’ and regularly contributes to Equine and Fitness publications.

I have also had the honour of being invited to record classes for the Monty Roberts Online Equus University.


  • Monty Roberts Introductory Certificate of Horsemanship
  • Winner of Pilates Anytime Instructor Competition 2014
  • Qualified with Body Control Pilates in 2001
  • Senior Teacher trainer for Body Control Pilates 2008-2017
  • Studio Master Certification
  • Matwork Master Teacher
  • NCPT certified


Allison Driscoll
Alison Driscoll
Pilates Teacher
I have been working with Julie on my pilates practice for some time now.   I have a long history of back problems which came to a head back in 2009 when I suffered a prolapsed disc in my lumbar spine.   Pilates for me is a lifestyle choice to keep my mind and body healthy.   Thursday is one of my favourite days of the week as I head to Julie’s studio for my session.   Every week I find something new in my body and I learn something new.   I have found better movement in my spine, I am stronger and have more confidence in my pilates practice.   Julie is the most amazing teacher, her knowledge is inspiring, her precision to detail in each exercise and movement make the changes to how your body moves.   Each session makes a difference and I look forward to the next.
Jane Ewer
JE Pilates

Loved the Riders Course, working on Reformer. You were great, calm, concise & thoroughly knowledgeable.

ros innes
Ros Innes
Pilates Teacher

Julie is an inspirational, talented, thoughtful teacher. As a Pilates teacher myself, I believe it is crucial never to become complacent and to continuously challenge myself, work on technique and keep on learning by studying with the best. Julie is one of the best and I would not miss my regular sessions with her. Julie’s skill, patience and intelligent approach has also helped me overcome many long standing issues in my body caused by a complex historic elbow fracture which left one arm and shoulder badly aligned. In summary, she is great!!

Amar Sahota

Julie is incredible at what she does, which is very inspiring. Julie has an incredible way to adjust the body to really aid length and strength.