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Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Pilates

Are you ready for a new career?


Face-to-face teacher training is essential for nurturing your development and by being in the classroom together, we accelerate learning through shared study and collaboration.

You’ll thrive in our supportive environment, where like-minded peers will uplift and empower you to step out of your comfort zone and achieve your professional aspirations.

The beauty of working with other teachers is that we all have something to offer, we all bring our own personal gifts and inspiration to the table.

With over 24 years of Pilates teaching experience, including senior faculty roles, I am excited to offer a Level 3 Matwork Qualification this September to a select group of teachers.

Whether you are a seasoned riding coach wanting to add to your existing qualifications and be driven to the next level or looking for a career change. My role is to support as you navigate your way through your new career.

My goal for each participant is to foster personal connections, education, and community building.

During this training, we’ll focus on enhancing your personal Pilates practice, teaching and observation skills to boost your confidence as a qualified Pilates mat work teacher.

Upon completion, you’ll depart with the assurance that you’ve gained more than just a set of routines. Instead, you’ll have honed and grasped skills essential for becoming an insightful instructor capable of tailoring your expertise to each client’s unique needs.

You’ll Master the art of delivering Mat work Pilates to your clients in a perceptive manner and help them Achieve their goals

I want you to feel confident in you, your teaching skills and your business.

“Julie is ridiculously knowledgeable when it comes to movement, she explains things in a clear and concise way, and has an eye that can spot even the smallest of alignment issues. As importantly, she’s one of the nicest people I know. Kind and considerate and a fantastic mentor!! I learnt a lot.


Kerrie–Anne Bradley, “Pilates at your desk” Mentorship 2022

What’s included

This qualification is delivered in four parts.

9 face-to-face classroom days

These face to face days will focus on working with clients from the  “Pre-Pilates” exercises to the full classical mat work within Mr Pilates 1945 publication “Return to life”

Each 3 day weekend block will deliver a section of the work looking at modifications/variations and the practical application of these exercises to ensure learners feel confident to work with clients.

Human anatomy will be covered and related to the exercises and understanding movement.

YMCA Awards Mandatory units

You can complete these in your own time and at your own pace.

The YMCA allows up to three years for the completion of the qualification, however Julie will support you to ensure you are able to complete it comfortably and confidently in a shorter time frame.

Equestrian Endorsed matwork

This excellent online Pre-recorded course provides you with a huge vault of pre-recorded video tutorials that you can watch that will support and enhance your 9 face to face teaching

Twelve weekly online classes

Every week there will be a live 60 minute virtual classroom where we all come together, learn share and connect.

These classes are provided to give you a touch point with your tutor and fellow course participants for the duration of the course.

You will see the progression of exercises over the twelve weeks and have time to answer questions and receive support.


September 13  / 14 / 15

October 11 / 12 / 13

November 8 / 9 / 10


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Enrol before 31st July and save £249

Payment plans are available

Frequently asked questions.

Do I need to have a strong personal Pilates background?

During the course we will look at how each participant moves, and you will work together as a group to develop your personal Pilates practice as well as your teaching skills.

However, this is a teacher training course, you are expected to be at a level ready to learn to teach the work.

I don’t teach Equestrians, does that matter?

No, The Equestrian element of the course is delivered via over two hours of pre-recorded exercise tutorials.

The tutorials offer insight into all the exercises whether you wish to focus on the equestrian demographic or not.

You are able to dip in and out of the videos as you choose and revisit them as often as you wish.

This means that you have a valuable library of teaching tutorials at your fingertips, day or night.

When does the course start?

Friday 13th September 10am

How do I access the online classes?

After the first “Face to face” weekend you will be given access to the YMCA training portal and the equestrian endorsed

You will also be sent a zoom link to attend the 12 weekly classes

Are the online Classes live?

Yes, the day/time TBC

How long is each online class?

60 minutes

What if I can’t attend the weekly live zoom session?

Each zoom session will be recorded, and you will be sent the session as a vimeo link.

Do I need to have been practising Pilates a certain length of time?

No, however as this is a teacher training course, you do need to have a strong level of Pilates in your own body.  You are expected to be at a level ready to learn to teach the work.

Do you include business advice?

The central focus of the course is on teaching Pilates. Business techniques and some marketing elements will be covered.

Why this teacher training works.

You will be surrounded by like-minded people. The group is small to allow for individual attention and support.

It’s a large expense.

You are investing in yourself, your own education, a brand-new career and your business. For less than the cost of a private Pilates session a week you will embark on a whole new career.

Payment plans are available and if you enrol before 31st July save £249

I’m concerned everyone will know more than me.

There will always be someone who knows more than you and someone who knows less than you.

This is what makes the group sessions so powerful, we can work to find solutions and ideas together.

How does the YMCA Level 3 diploma work?

There are 6 mandatory online units you must complete. These can be done in your own time and at your own pace.

There is also one optional Level 2 unit for Human Anatomy and physiology. It is advisable to complete this before sitting the Level 3 unit.

The Pilates Equestrian Series: Pre-Pilates to Advanced Matwork

This is an online multiple-choice paper which you are able to access once you have watched all the videos. It requires an 80% pass rate.

I’m worried I won’t have the time to commit, and I’ll feel overwhelmed.

I will work to support you and enable you to find ways to commit to your own study and implement procedures that help you create boundaries for your time and personal practice and prevent being overwhelmed.

What is included?

  • 9 Face to Face teaching days
  • YMCA level 3 Pilates online
  • Equestrian Pilates course
  • Access to a Facebook community
  • 12 weekly online live zoom classes

Highly Qualified

I’ve been a teacher of the method for over 24 years and I believe passionately in the power of Pilates.

  • Master Pilates Teacher since 2010
  • Pilates Anytime “Instructor of the Year 2014”
  • Body Control Senior Faculty Member 2000-2017
  • Monty Roberts Certificate of Horsemanship 2017
  • NCPT Eduction Provider since 2017
  • CIMSPA Eduction Provider since 2020 (Chartered institute for Management of Sport and Physical Activity.)

Why train with Julie?

Over the last 24 years I have built an international reputation as a Pilates teacher presenting at conferences worldwide and writing for both Equine and fitness publications.

For the last decade, my equine and Pilates workshops have been run at international conference and courses around the world. I have been invited to teach courses as far afield as Germany, Norway, Sweden, Spain, France, USA, Portugal, Canada and South Africa.

Most recently I have presented at Pilates on tour London 2023 as well as Pilates Method Alliance (Denver and Palm Springs, USA), February Fitness Convention (Spain), Pilates on Tour (London, UK), Pilates Teachers Association Conference (Loughborough University, UK), Body Control (Royal College of Surgeons (London, UK).

Starts Autumn 2024 – Register your interest here

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