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My Workshops, Your Studio

With over 2 decades as a student and teacher of the Pilates method, one of the greatest joys of my career is being able to share the passion I have received from my own mentors, teachers and clients.

If you would like to host a workshop or contact me regarding continuing education I would be delighted to hear from you.

“There is no such thing as teaching, only learning”

– Monty Roberts

Pilates for Riders  “Comfortable Rider – Comfortable Horse”

As riders our work should begin before we even enter the yard. Our alignment and balance greatly impacts the relationship we have with our horses.

This 90 minute workshop begins the journey of creating harmony and unity with your horse through good movement patterns and awareness.

( This can be Reformer OR Mat Based.)

Return to life through Contrology

As Pilates teachers we all have certain exercises we never do and rarely teach!

This workshop looks at Joseph Pilates 1945 publication ‘Return to life through Contrology” with the aim of breaking down the more complex exercises of the sequence. Looking at the links between movements, helping you experience the work and deliver the repertoire more confidently to your clients.

Small Circle – Big Magic

The magic circle is more than just something to give your client to hold.

This small piece of apparatus is an integral part of Mr Pilates work and can be used to help find and deepen the connections to your body, your movement and your work.

The Art of Cueing

“There’s no such thing as a universal cue”

Every client has individual needs during their lesson.

Group classes and 1-1 teaching can require different levels of cueing, how can we ensure that our clients are understanding our cues and getting the most from their lessons?

Do you cue your client anatomically? Spatially? In this workshop we’ll look at how the precision of verbal cueing along with well placed tactile cueing can improve the learning experience of the client.

The Reformer Tower

Explore the Reformer and Tower in combination and learn to use them as more than just a piece of space saving apparatus.

With all the advantages of the Reformer alongside more than 90% of the Cadillac repertoire, the ability to combine Tower and moving carriage make this a versatile and challenging addition to the studio.

This workshop will look at HOW to combine the 2 pieces of apparatus to deliver new challenges to you and your clients.

Theraband The ‘Band Aid” for your mat?

Are you using the theraband to ‘get better’ at an exercise or to simply “Get through it”?

Don’t just put a sticking Plaster over the exercises you find hard, use the band to improve movement and your clients understanding.

In this 2 hour workshop we’ll look at how to get the best from your band.