Pilates Equestrian Clinic: Horse and Rider in Unison

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Pilates Equestrian Clinic: Horse and Rider in Unison


2020 Dates TBC
North Farm Stud
Fawley, Wantage OXON OX12 9NJ

Julie Driver and Francesca Compostella are delighted to announce their first exciting collaboration together.

Combining their decades of experience Julie and Fran aim to improve your understanding of how horse and rider can both compliment and influence each other’s movement and where Pilates fits into this combination.

With so much information and literature available, it can be overwhelming to recognise what is pertinent and applicable to horse and rider.

This highly practical day is designed to leave you with the necessary tools to continue developing the riders seat, balance and posture, as well as understanding the specific needs of the horse.

The day will be divided into theory lectures and Pilates classes.

Attendees will have the opportunity to observe riders and their horses in an arena setting to work through the process of integrating Pilates concepts (for both horse and rider) to influence the pair’s movement.

The group will be taken through up to date scientific findings for the horse and take part in rider focused Pilates matwork classes, where the use and need of specific exercises will be analysed and where Q&A are encouraged.

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Your Hosts

Julie Driver

Julie is a passionate believer in the power of Pilates.

In 2005 she had a freak ski-ing accident that left her temporarily wheelchair bound. with the help of her physiotherapist and her own knowledge of Pilates, Julie astounded her surgeons by walking again after only nine months and without the permanent limp they had predicted.

In 2014 Julie won the prestigious “Pilates Anytime” Instructor of the year competition and is proud to be a regular contributor to the site.

Julies passion for movement extends into her love of horses and her desire to help riders build stronger and deeper connections with their horses. Pilates is the perfect tool for this journey, improving the riders seat balance and stamina.

Julie recently wrote a three part series of “Pilates for Riders’ for ‘Horse and Rider Magazine and has also contributed to ‘Intelligent Horsemanship magazine as well as ‘Pilates Style’ and other regular publications.

In 2017 Julie was honoured to be invited to film classes for the “Monty Roberts online Equus University’.
Julie is Mother to seven year old twins.

Fran Compostella

Fran is an Internationally renowned Equine Surgeon with over a decade of experience dealing with complex equine surgical and Orthopaedic cases.

As part of her treatment plans, she has developed her own personal skill set assessing equine movement using Joseph Pilates principles and applying them to horse and rider. This innovative approach to horse movement is made possible by her deep understanding of anatomy and Veterinary issues.

Outline of the day:


24th May, 28th June, 19th July


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