“Pilates In Devon” workshop

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“Pilates In Devon” workshop

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July 12-13th

Red Yew Pilates

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Teachers Toolbox weekend
Reclaim your right to roll through ‘Fearless flexion” and bring some ‘Apparatus to your mat’ for added Studio sparkle

Workshop 1
Fearless Flexion
Saturday 13th July 9am-12pm £120
Do you feel confident in teaching and practising the Pilates repertoire of exercises? Are you prepared to teach a full range of exercises for the healthy spine, regardless of age?
With so much mixed information and ‘fear mongering’ within the fitness world it is easy to become overwhelmed with When? How? Why? Or even ‘If?’ we should be teaching flexion to our clients. This workshop aims to empower the teacher and remove fear of teaching movement to certain demographics.

Recognising that movement is completely natural and necessary to maintain both nutrition to the spine and functional independence is an important part of our teaching.
We’ll explore the “Whens? and “Ifs” of modifying the exercises safely and effectively, without compromising technique. Giving you the tools and knowledge to feel confident to teach the client in front of you and cater to their individual specific needs.
“Reclaim the right to roll”

Workshop 2
Apparatus to Mat
It’s not always practical for us, or our clients to make it into a fully equipped Pilates Studio.

This workshop will bring a fun and insightful look at how we can introduce smaller props to the matwork repertoire. These added elements allow the client to experience a mixture of resistance, assistance and support the larger studio apparatus provides.

These benefits can be the key to helping our clients understand the essence of the work and can bring new connections to the matwork.
Bring the Wonder of the Wunda chair, the rewards of the reformer and the control of the Cadillac to you, your client and your mat.

Friday 12th July
1:1’s & Duets – Open to general public and teachers wanting to improve their practice
Julie Driver £70
Alison Salmond £70

Matwork Class
Grab a mat and join us for some fun on the mat!
5.45pm – £20 Open to all

Saturday 13th July
9am -12pm Fearless Flexion £120
1pm – 4pm Apparatus to Mat £120
£200 for both workshops – please email for coupon.