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Build Your Seat


From the ground up!

How can this course help me?

This is a 10 week course designed around your specific needs as an Equestrian, to make you stronger and more adaptive to both you and your horses movements.

Pilates is YOUR flatwork.

As riders we spend time improving the suppleness of our horse, riding 20 metre circles, shallow loops and serpentines all helping to  improve our horses self carriage and freedom of movement.

This course is your time to improve your flexibility, strength, stamina, balance and co-ordination.

The sessions will build each week to give you a clear understanding of your own patterns and asymmetries and how you can self correct these during your mat work sessions.

These skills are all transferable to your riding and and will enable you to become an intuitive and reactive rider.


When does the course start?

January 16th 7pm 2023.

Why is the course 10 weeks long?

Joseph Pilates is quoted as saying:

In 10 sessions you will feel a difference
In 20 sessions you will will see a difference
In 30 sessions you will have a whole new body


Joseph Pilates asked his clients to commit to three sessions a week in order to see a difference and improvement.

By asking you to commit to 3 sessions a week over 10 weeks ( 1 live and 1 recorded to repeat in your own time) you will see an improvement in the way you feel, look and ride.

Client testimonial

Working with Julie has really helped my riding.  I have gained a more stable seat and found more balance in the saddle especially when working on the Reformer.
There is always a dominant side and Julie has been able to correct this and even me out! Also I feel much more stronger than before.

The other great thing that Julie has given me is a new found confidence! After breaking my neck in a freak riding accident last year, I managed to get back on the Reformer and then get back on my horse!

Thanks Julie! Totally recommend you to any rider out there!

Jane Ewer

What is included each week?
  1. Each week there will be a live class where we will move together with the opportunity for questions.
  2. A Pre- recorded class focusing on the skills being developed in the live classes.
  3. Access to a closed Facebook group to ask questions and connect with others in the group.

Pilates is an accumulative skill, which when practiced regularly, and consistently improves our  balance, stamina and co-ordination.

Julie is proud to be associated with





Does your riding instructor give you the same correction every session?

During this course you will deepen your understanding of your body and movement.

We’ll explore the root causes of “Why” certain riding issues keep happening and give you the tools to  self correct and refine these during your Pilates class. This means that these new patterns can become second nature so you can focus on your partnership with your horse and be in the moment with your horse.



Are you working towards a specific riding goal?.

Whether you are a weekend rider or an elite athlete looking for that 1% difference between placing and the podium, Pilates can help you build a deeper bond with your horse by improving your own posture and body awareness moving you closer to your goals.

Frequently asked questions

How do I access the course?

Details on accessing the course will be emailed out once you have signed up. Links to live classes will be emailed out in advance and you’ll be able to access additional resources via the My Courses link in the main menu.

Are the classes live?

There will be a live class and one pre-recorded.

The Live classes will be Mondays at 7pm

If you cannot attend live the class will also be sent out as a recording.

How long is each class?

45 – 60 minutes

What if I can’t attend the live class? E.G I'm in a different time zone!

I totally understand how busy everyone is and how t may not be possible to commit to attending a live class each week. Especially if you are in a different time zone!

This is why the live  class will be recorded and sent out so you can work around your own busy schedule.

Focus on shorter more frequent movement sessions to see an improvement rather than one long one. 

Little and often is the key to progress.

I’ve never done any Pilates before, is this suitable for me?

Absolutely! We will build the level of the classes from week one to 10, you can stay at a level for longer if you prefer while you become more comfortable with the exercises.

I’ve had hip replacement/knee surgery

As with all new exercise regimes, please consult with your GP/Surgeon before embarking on this course.

On enrolment you will be asked to completer a PARQ form detailing any physical issues/ barriers to exercise you may have.

Although I have experience of working with clients after hip/knee surgery including my own knee rehabilitation, this is NOT a rehabilitation course.

Contact me for details of 1-1 sessions where we can focus more specifically on your post surgery needs.

All exercises are at your own risk.

Do we have access to help and guidance during the course?

Absolutely! There is a closed FB group, which you will be given access to before the start of the course.

This will be for everyone taking part to ask questions and ask for feedback.

There will also be time after the live class for Q and A

Do I need specialist equipment?

I highly recommend purchasing a proper Pilates mat, these are generally thicker than a yoga mat and offer some cushioning for the spine as many of our exercises are performed on the back.

We will also be using a theraband and a large gym ball.

When purchasing a theraband please purchase the lighter weight.

When purchasing a ball make sure it is the correct height for you. When you sit on the ball your thighs should be parallel to the floor.

If you need assistance, please contact Julie for help and advice.

How long will I have access to the classes after the course ends?

Class content will remain in your account within the My Courses area for 12 months.

Why this course works:

I understand horses and riders

I learnt to ride as a child and my passion for horses led me to California where I studied horsemanship at Flag Is Up Farm with with Monty Roberts. I continue to study in the UK with Chris Morris and since 2017 I been qualified under the “Monty Roberts certificate of horsemanship”.

As a rider, I am fascinated by the connection between horse and human. Both bodies are affected by each others asymmetries and movement patterns.

Improved symmetry (balance, control, co-ordination) OUT of the saddle makes riders more effective (assured, relaxed, confident) when we are IN the saddle. This helps us build a deeper connection to our horses and our riding.

International reputation

Over the last 22 years I have built an international reputation as a Pilates teacher presenting at conferences worldwide and writing for both Equine and fitness publications.

For the last decade, my equine and Pilates workshops have been run at international conference and courses around the world. I have been invited to teach courses as far afield as Germany, Norway, Sweden, Spain, France, USA, Portugal, Canada and South Africa.

Most recently I presented at Pilates Method Alliance (Denver and Palm Springs, USA), February Fitness Convention (Spain), as well as Pilates Gathering (Scotland),  Pilates on Tour (London, UK), Pilates Teachers Association Conference (Loughborough University, UK), Body Control (Royal College of Surgeons (London, UK).

Highly Qualified

I’ve been a teacher of the method for over 22 years and I believe passionately in the power of Pilates.

  • Master Pilates Teacher since 2010
  • Pilates Anytime “Instructor of the Year 2014”
  • Pilates Method Alliance  Certified 
  • Body Control Senior Faculty Member 2000-2017
  • Monty Roberts Certificate of Horsemanship 2017
  • NCPT Eduction Provider since 2017 
  • CIMSPA Eduction Provider since 2020 (Chartered institute for Management of Sport and Physical Activity.)