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The Pilates Equestrian Series: The Reformer

Coming soon – 25th May

A workshop for Pilates instructors who teach horse riders.

Pilates is a great complimentary discipline for all sports. For the Equestrian, the moving Reformer carriage allows for replication of some of the movements though not the unpredictability of a horse.

In the same way the horse needs time to prepare and work on its skill sets, so does the rider and just like a flatwork schooling session, Pilates is an accumulative discipline that improves the rider’s alignment, suppleness, stability, stamina, and balance.

Pilates exercises can assist the rider by improving symmetry, cross body co-ordination, balance and deepening the riders seat.

Included in the course:

  • detailed video instruction for each exercise included in the course notes (c. 1 hour 30 mins)
  • comprehensive course notes to guide and accompany teachers through each section
  • 12 months unlimited access to the videos