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Feet to seat

One of the biggest milestones in modern man’s evolution was making the transition to walking upright.

Notwithstanding the constant effect of gravity, little did Homo erectus realise that in millennia to come changing lifestyles and advances in technological would impact this vertical alignment.

Our lives and our clients lives are busy, we may only see them for an hour so we have to make it count!

Any relevant way of transferring that work to functional everyday life is extremely valuable, after all, we don’t spend our lives lying flat on our backs!

When we lie down we have the benefit of the floor as both a support and a prop, to assist us in our work. When we stand we remove the majority of our sensory feedback and leave ourselves with only the feet as a point of contact with the ground. It is therefore imperative that this contact and source of feedback is as alive and functioning as possible.

Our starting point in this workshop is the foot and the delights of the “Joes Toe Gizmo”

Date: 30th June 9.30-12.30 (9.30-10.30 Mat class)

Venue: Jen Day Pilates, Lower Gurstard Wood, St Albans

Cost £95